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On My Own

by Maria Muir

Lonely in the dead of night,

Painful memories I begin to fight,

Shadows forming on the wall,

One shadow I fear most of all.

The shadow is a haunting sight,

My heart is racing and I long for light.

Engulfing me in his warped evil way,

‘Come play with me’, I hear him say.

His touch is cold, his hands are rough,

His eyes are filled with evil lust,

By strength and by force, he pins me down,

‘Do not breath, do not make a sound!’.

Paralyzed by fear I close my eyes,

I silently scream and silently cry.

I pray to the gods,

‘Please let me die or give me wings, so I

can fly!’.

As time goes by, my life goes on,

Still wondering what I did wrong.

No-one to turn to, no-one is home,

I travelled this journey all on my own.

It’s lonely in the dead of night,

Painful memories I still try and fight,

The shadow still forms on the wall,

And one I still fear, most of all.

(c) 2009 By Maria Muir

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